Custom Packages


Team Building Events

Mountain Room Escapes offers our room escape game for corporate groups, businesses, clubs, and community groups. When planning your trip to Mountain Room Escapes, be sure to mention that your group is visiting for a team building event for your company so that Mountain Room Escapes can include a brief discussion of team building, leadership, and communication in your introduction to the escape game and the debriefing session.

To book a complete team building experience with more team building activities and a introduction customized to your organization, please call at least two weeks in advance for scheduling. Tickets for the full team building experience are $40/ participant. If you have a group over 8 participants, you can send separate teams into the room throughout the day and join for a large group debrief after everyone has gone through.

Special Events

Call Mountain Room Escapes at least two weeks before your scheduled room escape to discuss what we can do to build a customized room escape adventure based on your special event.  We can customize the room escape for  bachelorette/bachelor parties, engagements (the ring can be the final clue before escape), graduations, celebrating special accomplishments or whatever else you may have in mind!

Birthday Parties

Celebrate your birthday at Mountain Room Escapes! You will experience the room escape with your guests, receive a small gift from Mountain Room Escapes and if you want to bring a cake and the supplies, you will be given time to eat cake and open presents. Be sure and call Mountain Room Escapes prior to booking to ensure that you have the extra time for cake and presents.

Children’s birthday parties can be held in the escape room too!


Class Field Trips

Field trips to Mountain Room Escapes can be a great addition to your student’s educational experience.  Test review/ prep: Provide Mountain Room Escapes  with questions/answers that you want included in the escape room experience at least two weeks in advance. These questions will be integrated into the story and your students will have to know the answers in order to progress through the escape room. If your class is 9 students or over, teams can be sent through the room escape throughout the day and your class can join to do a debrief session after everyone has been through.  With all groups that have minors, an adult must be present to supervise the room escape, and release forms must be filled out in advance. Chaperones are free!

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Mountain Room Escapes wants to make your custom event AMAZING. Give us a call and let’s plan something out of this world together. We can’t wait to work with you to build an unforgettable event!