Question: What is a room escape game?

Answer: A room escape game is an interactive adventure that takes place in a themed room. When doing a room escape, a team will encounter many different puzzles and challenges.

Question: How long will the room escape adventure take?

Answer:  At Mountain Room Escapes, our adventures take 1 hour and 13 seconds (more time per game than other escape rooms give you … by 13 seconds). Additionally, there is a 15 minute orientation and a 15 minute debrief making your whole adventure 1 hour, 30 minutes and 13 seconds.

Question:What if I have no idea how to do a room escape!?

Answer: Glad you asked! Mountain Room Escapes wants you to get hooked on room escape games! Our orientation is designed so that you can enjoy the game regardless of previous experience.

Question: What if I’m claustrophobic?

Answer:  If you feel claustrophobic in a large living room, our room escape games probably are not for you.

Question: How many people can be in a room escape?

Answer: Our room works best with a maximum of 10 team members.  Call us to make arrangements for larger groups.


Question: Will the room escape game be too scary for me?

Answer: The short answer is no! While some room escapes are very scary, Mountain Room Escapes offers exciting adventurous scenarios that are not too scary. In fact, all of our room escape games are family friendly with puzzles and challenges that are appropriate for all ages.


Question: Will I have to be in a group with strangers?

Answer: If you reserve a room with a group that is smaller than 10, additional players may join your team. If you want to have an exclusive room, you can reserve a room for a team as small as 4 players for an additional fee.


Question: Is a room escape a good idea for a date night?

Answer: As a matter of fact, yes it is!  Make sure your date likes puzzles and doesn’t mind working together on a challenge.


Question: I want to propose to my girlfriend, or have another special request, can you do things like that?

Answer: A room escape can be a great way to give a surprise gift and Mountain Room Escapes would love to work with you to build a special event from the simple to the complex.


Question: When should I arrive for the room escape?

Answer: Plan on being at the room escape 10 to 15 minutes before the scheduled time. This will allow you time to check in and get ready. Try and be on time as there will be a group starting after you finish and additional time can not be added if you start late.


Question: Do I have to know how to act to do an escape room?

Answer: No! You are in a themed room, but you do not have to be a “character”. You are welcome to get into the spirit of the room, but don’t worry about acting, roleplaying, or having to pretend to be someone else.